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Getting Runescape gold from picking Ashes

March 20, 2014 editor 0

A quick and easy way to make more Runescape gold which is more viable to both FREEplayers and members A simple way to make more Runescape gold Ashes appear when the fire burns out or from the Fire Spirits. Ashes only have limited use but it makes them more valuable among Members. For Free RS players, they can only sell it to make Runescape gold. Burning a lot of cheap logs is an effective way to make a lot of Ashes. To make things started, head over to the Grand Exchange and find something that can make fires like willow logs which can be bought using [Read More…]

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Making Runescape Gold with Street Trading and Grand Exchange

March 6, 2014 editor 0

Street Trading and Grand Exchange may have the same purpose but one of them is better when it comes to making runescape gold. Using of Street Vending and GE for runescape making Grand Exchange is a place where you can buy and sell your rs items. However, grand exchange has a runescape gold price limit as well as selling slots for both free players and members. Though using GE is convenient especially when you’ll go back on your hunting activities, there are guild/party/players who are trying to compromise the runescape gold price of the rs items being sell by manipulating [Read More…]

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[Note] Remember you can become a MEMBER by using your Bonds; buy Bonds using RS gold

November 25, 2013 editor 0

Do you remember the Bonds that Jagex recently released as a way to counter gold farmers and to prevent RS gold sink? Note that you can use Bonds to become a MEMBER. By being a MEMBER, you can do lots of things that FREE players cannot do; like having an access to a MEMBERS only dungeon or quests. Not only that, you can also obtain RuneCoins by redeeming the Bonds. RuneCoins are use to buy items in Solomon’s General Store. Below is the list of uses of Bonds: 14 days of Membership 160 RuneCoins 8x Spins in Squeal of Fortune [Read More…]

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[Guide] Have too much time to spare? Try cleaning grimy avantoe and make RS gold

November 22, 2013 editor 0

Less talking, more cleaning; making RS gold by selling avantoe Making potions can be slowing productive and tedious if you don’t have a lot of patience. Especially when cleaning the herbs at the same time making potions. So instead of players do the cleaning, they tend to just buy the herbs in the Grand Exchange to decrease the time making potions. Taking advantage in that, some players are making more RS gold by selling the herbs in the Grand Exchange. They are the one who will do the cleaning of grimy avantoe and sell them in the market. Avantoe are [Read More…]

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[Guide] Mining Iron ore and best place to mine for Free players to make RS gold

November 11, 2013 editor 0

Making Rs gold by mining lots of Iron ore The iron ore can be mined by level 15 Mining skill from iron ore rocks which can be found in various areas of mines. This ore is always in demand in the Grand exchange due to its smiting iron and steel bars so it’s a good source for making RS gold. Not only that, there is also various use of iron ore, especially for Summoning skill and Divination skill. The iron ore have many locations but there is one good place to mine iron ore especially for FREE players. That place [Read More…]

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[Guide] You can make RS gold by superheating runite ore

November 8, 2013 editor 0

Time to superheating the runite ore to make RS gold Superheating on runite ore and coal can earn your more RS gold which will result on making runite bars. The Superheat item is a non-combat spell which is used to smelt ore without the use of furnace. It can be use both FREE and MEMBERS.   It is recommended to have a coal bag to make five bars per inventory. Buy as much coal, nature rune and runite ores as possible and store them in the bank. Withdraw some of the coal the put them in the bag, after that [Read More…]

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[Guide] A good way to make RS gold for low level by gathering potatoes

November 6, 2013 editor 0

Gathering Potatoes and making RS gold Most of the raw potatoes are not edible to eat but it can be cook by MEMBERs and add various ingredients as a toppings. It can increase the healing effect of the potatoes when cooked which it can be considered one of the highest healing foods. Because of the in demand of potatoes in Grand Exchange, players can make more Rs gold. The potatoes can be found in various fields in Runescape. For FREE players, the best place to gather lots of potatoes can be located north of Lumbridge cow pen. When you arrived [Read More…]

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[Guide] Various uses of batwings and making more RS gold

October 30, 2013 editor 0

We will be killing lots of warped bats and collect their batwings in order to make more RS gold. Making more Rs gold by collecting the batwings In this guide, we will be killing warped bats to collect their batwings. The Warped Bats are warped version of bats. Since they only have 600 health points, they can be easily killed using two handed weapons or other powerful weapons as long as it is powerful enough to instantly kill them. The bat wings can be use to create various armours such as Batwing shields, Batwing robes, Bat book and Bat wand. [Read More…]

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