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[Note] Remember you can become a MEMBER by using your Bonds; buy Bonds using RS gold

November 25, 2013 editor 0

Do you remember the Bonds that Jagex recently released as a way to counter gold farmers and to prevent RS gold sink? Note that you can use Bonds to become a MEMBER. By being a MEMBER, you can do lots of things that FREE players cannot do; like having an access to a MEMBERS only dungeon or quests. Not only that, you can also obtain RuneCoins by redeeming the Bonds. RuneCoins are use to buy items in Solomon’s General Store. Below is the list of uses of Bonds: 14 days of Membership 160 RuneCoins 8x Spins in Squeal of Fortune [Read More…]

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[Update] Before the end of November, Jagex add more charities; Donate RS gold to help others

November 18, 2013 editor 0

New charities, more reason to help and donate RS gold Ever since Jagex released the Well of Goodwill, the Runescape community already donated lots of RS gold and helped more charities in real world. They have already donated more than 240 billion RS gold which almost 10,000 or more players contributed.  For players who donated Bonds, it is more than 4700 Bonds, which is an equivalent of $46,000 for charity.   Before the end of Novemer, Jagex added two more charities which mean more reasons to donate RS gold and Bonds. These include the Philippines Typhoon Appeal. In the last [Read More…]

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[News] RS gold for the cause; help those in need

November 4, 2013 editor 0

Donate RS gold and other items to help others It is always said that helping people is good. Last week, Jagex released a very important update that may help others through donating RS gold and other items. It is called Well of Goodwill. The Well of Goodwill can be located just south of the Grand Exchange. You can donate in-game items and RS gold to real world charities. They released this item for players to use their in-game items and RS gold to give them a chance to donate and help others. For every 10m RS gold, Jagex will donate [Read More…]

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[News] The Sirenic Armour; more ways to make RS gold

October 23, 2013 editor 0

Players rejoice; Runescape has just released new high leveled armour for Rangers. This armour is powerful enough that can boost your Ranger skills. This armour is called, Sirenic Armour. This is level 90 power type armour that increases the stats of Rangers. It is also a good potential for RS gold sell.   The Sirenic Armour is made from Sirenic Scales which is drops from most of the monsters in the Monestary of Ascension. Only MEMBERS can wear this powerful armour. But FREE players may still have a chance to wear this by using the BONDS. When FREE players used [Read More…]

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[News] Try the all new Halloween themed quest

October 16, 2013 editor 0

FREE players, start using your RS gold to buy BONDS and become a MEMBER in order to participate to the all new quest. Jagex introduces the all new quest which is themed on Halloween, this quest is called Missing, Presumed Death. This quest is one of the Sixth Age’s core storyline. On the quest, you get to see and experience a new area to explore, new riddles and puzzles to solve, lots of new undead monsters, gods and mortals. After the quest, you will get tons of rewards.  

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[News] Treeception; new trees and more chance to make RS gold

October 9, 2013 editor 0

Two new trees are now arrived at Runescape. These trees are called the Elder Tree and the Crystal Tree. These trees can be use by players to give them more opportunities to their Woodcutting skills. Not only that they will obtain more valuable resources when you cut down these trees and these resources can be sell to make more RS gold. The Elder log that comes from the Elder Tree can be used to create weapons such as Elder Shortbow and Elder Shieldbow. Combined with Dark Arrows, these will make powerful weapons. The crystal tree on the other hand will [Read More…]

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[New] The effect of Bonds and their impact on RS gold farmers

October 4, 2013 editor 0

  Do you remember last week that Jagex released a new item which is called “Bonds”? Just right after a week of its release, the game’s economy is now improving thanks to the Bonds. Jagex said last week that because of the Rs gold farmers, the game’s economy is ruined. So they plan to release the Bonds in order to repair the damage done by the RS gold farmers.   Even though some other is skeptical, they still had a great response from the community of Runescape. There are many FREE players is now becoming a MEMBER simply by using [Read More…]

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[News] The new currency system is called “Bonds”

September 27, 2013 editor 0

Jagex’s CEO Mark Gerhard announces a new item called “Bond”. The Bonds can be used by players to pay their in-game items for bonds. Using your stacked up RS gold, you can buy them from other players or at the Grand Exchange. Not only that, you can use it to buy subscription, addition spin for Squeal of Fortune and RuneCoin.   The Bonds system is currently familiar to other successful MMORPG such as “PLEX” from EVE Online, “GEMS” from Guild Wars 2 and “REX” from Rift. According to the Jagex, this will eliminate most of the RS gold farmer’s activities [Read More…]

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[ULTIMATE GUIDE] Different ways to make RS gold (Part 1)

August 30, 2013 editor 0

By gathering ore, logs and crafting stuff, you can make a more RS gold in this way. Start making more RS gold To start making more RS gold, woodcutting is a good occupation to gather lots of logs which you can sell it in Grand Exchange to make RS gold. As you continue to cut lots of logs, your woodcutting skill will gain more XP which in turn will level up.   If you’re high level enough, you need to have a better axe so that you can gather faster and better logs. Once you’re better at woodcutting, you can now start cutting willow logs which [Read More…]

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Making RS gold by knowing Street Trading and Grand Exchange

August 26, 2013 editor 0

By knowing this two, you can make a lot of ideas and strategies on how you can sell RS gold. Using these two will make you a lot of RS gold Grand Exchange is a place where a lot of traders buy and sell their items to make RS gold as long the items are tradable. Most of the RS players don’t need to advertise their items or have a face to face trading. When their items have been sold, players will receive a message in their chat box. The disadvantage of the usage of Grand Exchange is that there [Read More…]

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