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[Guide] A good way to make RS gold for low level by gathering potatoes

November 6, 2013 editor 0

Gathering Potatoes and making RS gold Most of the raw potatoes are not edible to eat but it can be cook by MEMBERs and add various ingredients as a toppings. It can increase the healing effect of the potatoes when cooked which it can be considered one of the highest healing foods. Because of the in demand of potatoes in Grand Exchange, players can make more Rs gold. The potatoes can be found in various fields in Runescape. For FREE players, the best place to gather lots of potatoes can be located north of Lumbridge cow pen. When you arrived [Read More…]

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[News] RS gold for the cause; help those in need

November 4, 2013 editor 0

Donate RS gold and other items to help others It is always said that helping people is good. Last week, Jagex released a very important update that may help others through donating RS gold and other items. It is called Well of Goodwill. The Well of Goodwill can be located just south of the Grand Exchange. You can donate in-game items and RS gold to real world charities. They released this item for players to use their in-game items and RS gold to give them a chance to donate and help others. For every 10m RS gold, Jagex will donate [Read More…]

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[Guide] Various uses of batwings and making more RS gold

October 30, 2013 editor 0

We will be killing lots of warped bats and collect their batwings in order to make more RS gold. Making more Rs gold by collecting the batwings In this guide, we will be killing warped bats to collect their batwings. The Warped Bats are warped version of bats. Since they only have 600 health points, they can be easily killed using two handed weapons or other powerful weapons as long as it is powerful enough to instantly kill them. The bat wings can be use to create various armours such as Batwing shields, Batwing robes, Bat book and Bat wand. [Read More…]

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[Guide] Making RS gold in the middle of the desert; killing desert goats

October 25, 2013 editor 0

In the middle of the heat, you can make more RS gold by simply killing the goats and collect their desert goat horns. Goats in the middle of the desert and making more Rs gold The goats drops desert goat horns and collecting them is a good source for RS gold sell, besides that they are easily killed with a decent two handed weapons. Four goats can be found in the south west of the Nardah bank in the Khardian Desert. Near them, there is a bank which you can use to store the desert goat horns.   When you [Read More…]

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[News] The Sirenic Armour; more ways to make RS gold

October 23, 2013 editor 0

Players rejoice; Runescape has just released new high leveled armour for Rangers. This armour is powerful enough that can boost your Ranger skills. This armour is called, Sirenic Armour. This is level 90 power type armour that increases the stats of Rangers. It is also a good potential for RS gold sell.   The Sirenic Armour is made from Sirenic Scales which is drops from most of the monsters in the Monestary of Ascension. Only MEMBERS can wear this powerful armour. But FREE players may still have a chance to wear this by using the BONDS. When FREE players used [Read More…]

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[Guide] Using Runecrafting and mining Rune Essence is a good way to make RS gold

October 21, 2013 editor 0

Level up your runecrafting and you could make lots of rune essence and make more RS gold. Runecrafting is a good way to make more RS gold Runecrafting is available for FREE players which allow them to craft all kinds of runes to use for magic spells at Runecrafting altars. Making Rune Essence is a good source for Rs gold sell. It is a raw material that can be crafted into low leveled runes such as air, wind, earth, fire, water, mind, and body runes.   The Rune Essence is always in demand that’s way it is a good way [Read More…]

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[Guide] Mining Adamantite Ore is like mining a RS gold

October 18, 2013 editor 0

Mining some more ores will result you great result when it come on making more Rs gold. Mining ores and mining RS gold Adamantite ore is an item that sells with a high RS gold price due to the adamant bars and ingots. Mining adamantite has many locations but there is an effective best method for FREE players and that is mining in Dwarven Mine. You can find three adamantite rocks mining points in there. There is also a bank deposit box inside the Dwarven Mine resource dungeon. You could also try the nearby Mining Guild resource dungeon which has [Read More…]

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[News] Try the all new Halloween themed quest

October 16, 2013 editor 0

FREE players, start using your RS gold to buy BONDS and become a MEMBER in order to participate to the all new quest. Jagex introduces the all new quest which is themed on Halloween, this quest is called Missing, Presumed Death. This quest is one of the Sixth Age’s core storyline. On the quest, you get to see and experience a new area to explore, new riddles and puzzles to solve, lots of new undead monsters, gods and mortals. After the quest, you will get tons of rewards.  

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[Guide] Making Headless Arrow to make more RS gold

October 14, 2013 editor 0

While training your fletching skill, you can also sell the headless arrows in the Grand Exchange to make more RS gold. Time to make headless arrows to make RS gold The headless arrows are made from combining both the feather and the arrow shafts along with the Fletching skill to create arrows. Most of the players who always use fletching don’t make headless arrows on their own but instead buy them from others. This is a great opportunity for low leveled players to make a good amount of RS gold together with experience simply fletching the headless arrows.   You [Read More…]

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[Guide] Let’s have some fun by killing Guards and make more RS gold

October 11, 2013 editor 0

The guards are all around the Runescape so how about you can make more RS gold by killing some of them. Killing them can give you more RS gold A lot of the city on Runescape, you can find several guards around the city such as Falador, Varrock, and Ardougne. You can also find some of them patrolling around the south of the Wilderness wall at Edgeville. The guards mostly can be killed, they will drop 3 grapes and sometimes a rare drop of level two clue scrolls. These drops can give you RS gold simply selling them at the [Read More…]

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