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A sweet guide for getting more RS gold

August 23, 2013 editor 0

A sweet guide for making more RS gold by using chocolates. Source: mid-day Sweetened guide using chocolate for earning more RS gold A chocolate bar is a food that can be use for recovering a player’s health points when consumed. This can be used for Cooking and also can be converted to chocolate dust which can be use for making energy potions. As said, chocolate dust is our target item to sell RS gold.   Chocolate Dust is a chocolate that is ground up using mortar and pestle or you can also use a knife on the chocolate bar. This [Read More…]

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Mining Clay is mining rs gold

August 21, 2013 editor 0

Gold is not the only thing that can be profitable from mining, but also mining clay can be rs gold profitable… Clay has a lot of uses like for example, making Urns, furniture, and Magic tablets. Clay can be a great way to earn more RS gold. Here is a list of places to mine clay rocks: the Crafting Guild the Dwarven Mine the Grand Tree Mine the Fight Arena mining site Rimmington Rellekka south-west Varrock south of Barbarian Village Burthorpe mines the Draynor Mine. Mining clay requires only level 1 Mining skill. It is better to have a good [Read More…]

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[Runescape 3] The new Divination skill gives more RS gold

August 14, 2013 editor 0

The Divination skill is just around the corner but Jagex already announces the description of the skill. The Divination skill involves the power of Gods and one of the new skills in development. Though it is still unknown whether this skill is effective for RS gold farming. When asked about what are the mechanics of this skill, Mod Mark stated:   “Yes, it will be much like fishing and mining, although there will be other mechanics built in. It’s far more than *just* a gathering skill…               ”                 — Mod Mark” RS gold is not wasted when training the Divination [Read More…]

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Runescape 3 and the Death of Chivalry; a new quest with a new rewards for RS gold hunter

August 13, 2013 editor 0

Runescape 3 was launched on July 22, 2013 which is an enhanced version of Runescape. Runescape 3 contains a lot of brand new features such as the New UI Interface, HTML5 game client (replaces the JAVA), new Audio Engine and a Seasonal High Score. If you ever have an account from the old Runescape, you can use that on Runescape 3 since it is an upgraded version of Runescape. So you can continue your progress and continue to farm RS gold. Yesterday, Aug. 12, 2013, Jagex released the new quest content for the Runescape 3 in the New 6th Age. [Read More…]

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