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[Note/News] Take part on the new event this weekend and earn more Rs gold

December 18, 2013 editor 0

Explore the dungeons, solve the puzzle, gather resources and earn more Rs gold On the coming weekend, Jagex have another event for the players of Runescape. This event is called the New Dungeoneers’s Weekend. On this event, new players who are unfamiliar with the Dungeoneering, they will help you learn and experience by exploring the depths of the dungeon. For those who are already experience in Dungeoneering, they can still participate. This event is all about exploring the labyrinth of Daemonheim and solves countless puzzles and gathers resources to make RS gold. Slay monsters and boss on some levels. Be [Read More…]

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[News] Try out the new outfit in the Solomon’s General Store; by Bonds using RS gold

November 20, 2013 editor 0

Use your RS gold to buy Bonds to purchase Runecoins Last week, Jagex just released two new outfits for Runescape players. The two outfits are called Ogre Infiltrator and Drakewing. The Ogre Infiltrator, as you can see the picture above, is an ogre with ridiculous look with large hands and feet. This kind of outfit is never before seen in Runescape. This is your chance to wear this kind of unique outfit. Next is the Drakewing, this outfit is a humanoid shape red dragon with large wings with claws. This outfit also has some kind of accessory around them with [Read More…]

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[News] Try out the Barrows-Rise of the Six and you can get cool rewards and make more RS gold

November 15, 2013 editor 0

Cool looking rewards and more RS gold The Barrows mini-game is a combat mini-game which is popular because Runesape players can make a lot of RS gold by simply selling Barrows equipment. Just recently, Jagex release a sequel to it which is called Barrows-Rise of Six. Unlike the standard Barrows mini-game, players need to fight the Barrows Brothers.   These Brothers has been greatly buffed and can be difficult to defeat. Players must have a team of four and need to split into two groups and each group need to defeat three Brothers at once. Once you have defeated the [Read More…]

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[Guide] Before making pizza, be sure you have uncooked pizza; RS gold guide

November 13, 2013 editor 0

You can earn more RS gold by selling the uncooked pizza The Uncooked pizza can be made using the cooking skill and by combining the pizza base with tomato and cheese. By putting the uncooked pizza in the range, you can make plain pizza. Creating pizza can be time consuming since you need a lot of ingredients and combining them. So players tend to buy uncooked pizza in the Grand Exchange to shorten the time to make pizza. Due to this, some players can make RS gold by selling them in the market.   To start making uncooked pizza and [Read More…]

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[ULTIMATE GUIDE] Different ways to make RS gold (Part 1)

August 30, 2013 editor 0

By gathering ore, logs and crafting stuff, you can make a more RS gold in this way. Start making more RS gold To start making more RS gold, woodcutting is a good occupation to gather lots of logs which you can sell it in Grand Exchange to make RS gold. As you continue to cut lots of logs, your woodcutting skill will gain more XP which in turn will level up.   If you’re high level enough, you need to have a better axe so that you can gather faster and better logs. Once you’re better at woodcutting, you can now start cutting willow logs which [Read More…]

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Mining Clay is mining rs gold

August 21, 2013 editor 0

Gold is not the only thing that can be profitable from mining, but also mining clay can be rs gold profitable… Clay has a lot of uses like for example, making Urns, furniture, and Magic tablets. Clay can be a great way to earn more RS gold. Here is a list of places to mine clay rocks: the Crafting Guild the Dwarven Mine the Grand Tree Mine the Fight Arena mining site Rimmington Rellekka south-west Varrock south of Barbarian Village Burthorpe mines the Draynor Mine. Mining clay requires only level 1 Mining skill. It is better to have a good [Read More…]

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