[News] Buy Bonds using RS gold and try out the new pet in the Solomon’s General Store

Make use of your RS gold by buying Bonds and redeem for RuneCoins; New loyal companion

Just recently, there is a new pet that can be found in the Solomon’s General Store. These loyal companions will venture out together with you. The name of the two new pets is Dawn and Dusk. That’s their default name but you can change once you bought them. Dawn has a noble and elegant aura around her and can emit a mysterious energy around her hooves and horns while flying around you. The other one, Dusk, is a mischievous and playful black unicorn that produces a blazing fire around his hooves and horn when hovering. You can get them by redeeming your Bonds for RuneCoins and use the RuneCoins to buy in the General Store. Bonds are available in the Grand Exchange and can be bought using RS gold.

Furthermore, players can change the color of their tales, manes and wings according to your taste.

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