[News] Share your RS gold and drops equally by using CoinShare and Lootshare

Share your loot and RS gold with Coinshare and Lootshare

The Lootshare is an option where you and your friends share monster drops. The sharing is a fair way and design so that everyone would get an equivalent value of rewards. Do note that you cannot activate the lootshare while dungeoneering. With this ability to share drops, you and your friend can also make more RS gold by selling the drops.

In the past, the old coinshare system allows the high-value drops to turn into RS gold and split fairly between members of the party.

Jagex recently updated the coinshare system where instead of turning the high-value drops into RS gold, the items will turn into 120 pieces of item shards. The shards are equally shared among those who are eligible to receive the share and between each member of the parties. The shards are will go directly into your bank. These shards can be sold in the Grand Exchange to make RS gold. Not only that, Jagex updated the list of items that will be affected by the coinshare.

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