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Runescape Gold – Bugs

July 1, 2016 James Young 0

Runescape gold hunters are pissed with Telos bugs. Let’s talk about the most trending subject of runescape – Bugs. Bugs are random which make it hard for developers to spot and fix them on development. It needs a lot of testing in order to fix bugs and to most efficient bug testers are players. Players have been ranting about runescape NXT not being perfect. Someone said that runescape should tend first the bugs before releasing new contents as new contents means new bugs. Jagex seems so desperate, releasing so many contents within a month. Runescape Gold – Frustrating Bugs are [Read More…]


Runescape Party Hat – New Contents

June 30, 2016 James Young 0

Jagex has released their trump card – Runescape NXT. It is a huge leap forward with its improved graphics and interface. New contents are all good. It makes the game livelier, but releasing contents without tending the core mechanics of the game is a big NO. Players would rather play with an old content with fixed game mechanics than new contents with crappy core mechanics. Runescape Party Hat – Bugs Since runescape NXT is new. There are tons of bugs players find. Failure to fix these bugs might lead into drastic landslide of runescape’s population. Players are allergic to garbage [Read More…]


Runescape Party Hat – New Player

June 24, 2016 James Young 0

Visual design wise, runescape has nothing to brag about. Tons of MMORPG is being released with amazing visual design. These companies spend too much time on satisfying their customer’s eyes, but not their inner cravings. Pretty much, a MMORPG with fantastic design, but bad gameplay is common nowadays. Runescape is still popular nowadays because some players don’t care about visual design at all. They all care about gameplay. And In terms of gameplay, runescape never fell behind; thus, this makes runescape last long. Runescape Party Hat – Quests May it be a quest to get the legendary runescape party hat [Read More…]


Runescape Party Hat – Popularity

June 10, 2016 James Young 0

What is the current state of runescape now? Is it still popular? Someone asked in a certain community. Looking at runescape’s population, we can say that it is still popular despite its direct competitions like the newly released blade and soul where tons of people have gone and tried the game, only to find out that the community would suck, leaving the game in a bad shape. In runescape’s case, it is still consistent in terms of population. However, due to tons of online games coming out, the era where runescape party hat and black santa hat are both acquirable [Read More…]


RS Gold – Runescape Duel

June 8, 2016 James Young 0

RS gold is not the focus this time but the new feature – runescape duel. With this new feature, players can now literally smack people down, if the other player accepted to be pounded right in the ass. Runescape has now a duel feature which allows players to compete without risking anything like experience, dropping valuable experience. It is just pure healthy competition within the community. This kind of feature (being able to duel anyone) had been implemented in other MMORPG. Players can’t runescape money making with duels. RS Gold – Basic Information Sending a duel invitation is almost the [Read More…]


Runescape Party Hat – Massacre Event

June 8, 2016 James Young 0

Forget your quest on accumulating runescape party hat because a huge event to commemorate the infamous Durial321. Runescape items are not the focus of this event, but PvP experience. Jagex really values every time runescape made it to another year. What does this mean? Does this mean that they are celebrating it because they suspected that their game is not going to last long? If you think that I am saying that runescape is not going to last long, hold your horses. In my opinion, runescape is a hell of a good game, lasting for a long time and even [Read More…]


Runescape Party Hat – RS’ Gift

June 6, 2016 editor 0

Runescape is a timeless MMORPG as it will belong to the hall of fame. 10 years from now, your runescape party hat that worth hundreds of bucks would not even exist at all. The black santa hat and different color of party hat you have collected all will belong exclusively to your memories. Thereon, you would say “runescape? Ah, I am one of riches players in that game.” It is a good memory; but is it worth the time and effort you spent on the game? As long as you don’t regret anything, it is worth.   Runescape Party Hat [Read More…]

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