RS Gold – Dying Genre


RS gold of runescape players, how long will it sustain its value? With the leading genre today – MOBA and FPS, will MMORPG games accumulate attention to the public?

In the past few years, MMORPG was the strongest genre in the gaming industry. It was a huge phenomenon where an MMORPG’s server is bursting into players.

Today, the genre – MMORPG, is starting to get old and losing the audience attention, which is now focused on MOBA and FPS games.


RS Gold – Reason

What is the reason behind the dying of MMORPG genre? The creators destroyed themselves. They became way too greedy, milking out every single cent of the players. As a result, the general public got tired of this “pay to win” basis of MMORPG developers. Some MMORPG require players to pay a couple of bucks just to advance to the next level. Or these developers tend to make grinding really hard and purchasing something in the cash shop would make things easier.

This is the reason of the dying genre: its creators. If they make MMORPG a fair place, this would not have happened. Upon asking a person about a certain MMORPG, one would immediately ask “does this game have a cash shop?” or “Is it pay-to-win?” These are the questions that float around when a new MMORPG is released.

MMORPG Killed FPS, but FPS Unburied itself

Before the boom of MMORPG, people are crazy about FPS games like counter strike and quake. When MMORPG genre started to be advertised, people left FPS and started playing MMORPG.

Now, FPS is the second runner up as one of the most popular genres.


People are tired of grinding. Competitive is what people are looking nowadays. They wanted to feel alive with just playing. Grinding is almost like working; it is boring. That is why MMORPG is a dying genre. It imitates reality. And in the reality you have to make money. The only difference is, you runescape money making in this genre.

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