RS Gold – Runescape Duel


RS gold is not the focus this time but the new feature – runescape duel.

With this new feature, players can now literally smack people down, if the other player accepted to be pounded right in the ass.

Runescape has now a duel feature which allows players to compete without risking anything like experience, dropping valuable experience. It is just pure healthy competition within the community.

This kind of feature (being able to duel anyone) had been implemented in other MMORPG.

Players can’t runescape money making with duels.


RS Gold – Basic Information

Sending a duel invitation is almost the same as sending a party invitation or transaction invitation. One can flatly refuse or accept the invitation at one’s own free will. However, isn’t refusing a duel is the most cowardice thing to do in this earth? I mean, imagine: someone asked you to man up and invited you to get popped out in the back alley. Would you refuse?

Moreover, dueling is pure fun. You don’t lose anything, except some of your dignity when you lost the fight.

Starting a Duel

Upon inviting someone with it, both the players’ health will be healed to full and buff and debuff would be instantly removed. Therefore, pre-buffs and other methods to strengthen your character beforehand are forbidden, which is leaves a character with level and equipment as a match’s essential factor.

Ending a Duel

Obviously, the duel ends when someone reaches 0 health points.

The duel will also end if one of the participants gets out of the duel area like teleporting into different map or running away for more than 32 tiles away from the other duelist.

When the player receives damage from monster or any NPC, the duel will instantly end or the player attacks a monster or an NPC.

Ending the duel with just running away could piss an opposing duelist. Wherein, if you are going to die and run around and the other duelist can’t catch you. It is sure to piss off opponents.

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