Runescape 3 and the Death of Chivalry; a new quest with a new rewards for RS gold hunter

Runescape 3 was launched on July 22, 2013 which is an enhanced version of Runescape. Runescape 3 contains a lot of brand new features such as the New UI Interface, HTML5 game client (replaces the JAVA), new Audio Engine and a Seasonal High Score. If you ever have an account from the old Runescape, you can use that on Runescape 3 since it is an upgraded version of Runescape. So you can continue your progress and continue to farm RS gold.

Yesterday, Aug. 12, 2013, Jagex released the new quest content for the Runescape 3 in the New 6th Age. Jagex hasn’t wasted any time to improve the gaming experience for the players of Runescape. The new quest is called The Death of Chivalry; it features Sir Owen, a Temple Knight and one of the seven Signature Heroes. His mission is to recover the powerful artifact from the Black Knight Castle. Player can join him to his mission for the almighty God Saradomin.

Players may have a chance to choose their decision but be careful since the choices you made on the quest will have an impact on the story. So it is suggested to choose wisely. There are also a lot of secrets to be revealed. The difficulty of the quest will be scaled on match the player’s level.

There will be a lot of rewards to look forward, including full cosmetic armor override set, righteous helpings of Prayer and especially Combat Experience and much more. If you do it right you might earn a lot of RS gold.

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