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Runescape gold hunters are pissed with Telos bugs.

Let’s talk about the most trending subject of runescape – Bugs. Bugs are random which make it hard for developers to spot and fix them on development. It needs a lot of testing in order to fix bugs and to most efficient bug testers are players.

Players have been ranting about runescape NXT not being perfect. Someone said that runescape should tend first the bugs before releasing new contents as new contents means new bugs.

Jagex seems so desperate, releasing so many contents within a month.

Runescape Gold – Frustrating

Bugs are frustrating. They tend to ruin a player’s experience. Immersion is the most important aspect of gaming. With just one tick of bug, immersion can easily be lost. And this is what frustrating about bugs. They disrupt one’s immersive experience. Bugs are like “you are inside a videogame. That is not true.”


Jagex is having a hard time right now, really, big time. They are really having a hard time, managing an old MMORPG. Players are the most efficient people in the world who can fix bugs. Developers can’t waste their time finding these puny bugs. They have tons of stuff to do.

Don’t give them a lot of pressure through posting rants on social media especially reddit. Remember, you are just a fucking player. You don’t know a thing about how things work on their end. Just sit back and wait for them to do their thing and you do your thing like reporting bugs. That is all. You don’t have to post on social media. After all, you don’t understand a thing.


With just a single issue, caused by bugs, it can ruin the whole game like the administrator breaking the player’s face for being irritating. Deep inside, probably, this is how administrators feel about players, with all honesty.

Players buy rs gold to ease their frustration on bugs.

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