Runescape Party Hat – Massacre Event


Forget your quest on accumulating runescape party hat because a huge event to commemorate the infamous Durial321.

Runescape items are not the focus of this event, but PvP experience.

Jagex really values every time runescape made it to another year. What does this mean? Does this mean that they are celebrating it because they suspected that their game is not going to last long? If you think that I am saying that runescape is not going to last long, hold your horses. In my opinion, runescape is a hell of a good game, lasting for a long time and even livelier than any old MMORPG.

Now, to celebrate the 10th year anniversary, there is an event (Faladro Massacre) that will take place on June 13, 2016.


Runescape Party Hat – How to Join

Joining the event is pretty simple, just simply go to world 111 and take part of the event until at 23:59 UTC.

This event is your world-wide event that everybody can participate. There are no level requirements. If you are weak, this is the right time you can taste the true power and kill a fully geared player.

The event has two cycles: being possessed by the ghost of Durial321 and kill other players and Giant Durial321 boss fight.

Possession of Durial321

Instead of being remembered as an infamous criminal, Durial321 is being remembered as a hero who slaughtered many players.

In the possession of Durial321, a random player in the area will be possessed by Durial321 and gain tremendous amount of power and hunt other players. Furthermore, players who are possessed by Durial321 gain x2 pvp experience upon killing a player.

Note: no worries. If you are killed, you neither lose anything equipment nor experience.


Giant Durial321 Boss Fight

After the possession phase, a giant Durial321 will appear in the map. Players can either help kill the giant boss Durial321 or help boss Durial321 kill other players.

In this phase, players receive double experience upon killing other players and killing Durial321.

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