Runescape Party Hat – New Contents


Jagex has released their trump card – Runescape NXT. It is a huge leap forward with its improved graphics and interface.

New contents are all good. It makes the game livelier, but releasing contents without tending the core mechanics of the game is a big NO. Players would rather play with an old content with fixed game mechanics than new contents with crappy core mechanics.

Runescape Party Hat – Bugs

Since runescape NXT is new. There are tons of bugs players find. Failure to fix these bugs might lead into drastic landslide of runescape’s population. Players are allergic to garbage interface and graphics failure.

Playing games is all about immersion. If bugs can easily snap a player’s immersion with ease, it might make the player quit the game as it is going to be boring and frustrating as hell.

Bugs are hard to fix, especially if Jagex is constantly releasing new contents. The more the contents, the more possible bug’s runescape might have.


No doubt, the new contents of runescape are superb. They really have thought a lot before releasing one. But they are releasing way too many! They should first tend the bugs away.

Recently Jagex released a solo boss – Telos. Jagex has a competition. And imagine how these bugs will pop out while players vigorously compete. It will drain their immersion and eventually be bored. A bug can take a player’s motivation to play the game.

New Mechanics

It would really be fantastic if Jagex would release a new mechanic in runescape like introducing new player versus player mechanics and hosting a tournament. This way players can devote a lot of their time understand these mechanics which would prolong the game’s lifespan. It is a really old game now. It is a matter of time now before it is gone. So, before it is too late, you have to move now, Jagex. It is like how runescape party hat and black santa hat are suddenly gone.

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