Runescape Party Hat – New Player


Visual design wise, runescape has nothing to brag about. Tons of MMORPG is being released with amazing visual design. These companies spend too much time on satisfying their customer’s eyes, but not their inner cravings. Pretty much, a MMORPG with fantastic design, but bad gameplay is common nowadays.

Runescape is still popular nowadays because some players don’t care about visual design at all. They all care about gameplay. And In terms of gameplay, runescape never fell behind; thus, this makes runescape last long.

Runescape Party Hat – Quests


May it be a quest to get the legendary runescape party hat or any runescape items – it is never boring.

Runescape has amazing library of quests for its players. No matter how crazy a quest like being an errand boy, it does not matter. It has a certain magic that makes a crazy quest fun to do. Unlike, those MMORPG with fantastic graphics, its quests is totally boring.

New runescape players are not stuck on the mindset of reaching the peak level. There are tons of things to do in runescape, may it be player versus player, and it is never boring. There is this amazing sensation whenever completing a quest which is rarely offered by new MMORPG nowadays.

New Contents

Runescape is consistent when it comes to creating new content. Expect new contents every month or two, followed by events relating to runescape’s history like duril321 event.

When they release content, they release it big time. They don’t release content with bare hype. Ever content they release there is this hype, and we don’t know where this hype even came from.

New Player’s Thoughts

New players who are tired of the MMORPG loop will really like runescape. Playing runescape is like going into the past.

Upon playing runescape, one will be enlightened that gameplay weighs more than visual design.

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