Runescape Party Hat – Popularity


What is the current state of runescape now? Is it still popular? Someone asked in a certain community.

Looking at runescape’s population, we can say that it is still popular despite its direct competitions like the newly released blade and soul where tons of people have gone and tried the game, only to find out that the community would suck, leaving the game in a bad shape.

In runescape’s case, it is still consistent in terms of population. However, due to tons of online games coming out, the era where runescape party hat and black santa hat are both acquirable by the many is gone where hundred thousands of players are online.


Runescape Party Hat – Direct Competition

When we say direct competition, it is not only the MMORPG around, but also the new online games that come out. Currently, the new FPS game, Overwatch is so hyped; it topped the market in no time.

People’s attention is at these kinds of games, leaving runescape’s population growth at halt.


Not to mention, runescape is vulnerable to bots and AFK programs which signified some players are not active. Let’s say that 80% of people are aware or using AFK programs that would leave with only 20% of active players. Playing runescape is like taking a stroll in an empty factory full of computerized working hands. It is not the kind of game where it imitates reality. It is more like a simulation of working as a factory worker where you are the sole human being.


Players come back to feel the old times. Old runescape players would feel at home, playing their first MMORPG. There is nothing better than everyone’s first game. The first game one has played sets their standard of MMORPG. If you have played a bad MMORPG, too bad, you will have a bad taste. If you play a good MMORPG, you will have a good taste; although taste changes sometimes.

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