Runescape Party Hat – Reporting Bots


Inherently, runescape takes a lot of time in grinding. People are tired of this, especially, veteran players, resulting into players resorting to exploit 3rd party programs like Bot.

Some people want runescape items such as runescape party hat. And in order to accumulate tons of money, a player has to grind for days or even months.

People don’t only play runescape, they also have to go to their job, and school. And it is not surprising for people to use bots. They just want to be efficient to their hobby and work.


Runescape Party Hat – Good Things about Bots

Bots keep the server populated. If the server is populated, the world of runescape would be attractive for new players, so long that they don’t know that some players are bots.

Bots never harm the server, unlike, cheat engines that manipulate the data.

Bad Things about Bots

Bots never harm the server, but bots produces tons amount of currency that could churn the economy of runescape, making things more expensive, resulting for new players to have a hard time obtaining gears. Therefore, potential new players are reduced.

Bots create a monotonous atmosphere. Dungeons and fields are dull, without legit player playing. It is like taking a stroll inside a large factory, where no soul can be found. It is not creepy, but really tedious playing with robots.


In general, bots are virus on an MMORPG server. Any MMORPG with economy would be destroyed by bots. Economy is like the heart of MMORPG, if the economy churns, the whole game also churns.

There are games that don’t have economy. However, these games can still be affected by bots. The server becomes dull, playing with robots.

Let’s follow this logic upon using bots: why do you want to use a bot program in the first place? Are you tired of playing the game? If so, quit the game.

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