Runescape Party Hat – RS’ Gift


Runescape is a timeless MMORPG as it will belong to the hall of fame.

10 years from now, your runescape party hat that worth hundreds of bucks would not even exist at all. The black santa hat and different color of party hat you have collected all will belong exclusively to your memories. Thereon, you would say “runescape? Ah, I am one of riches players in that game.” It is a good memory; but is it worth the time and effort you spent on the game? As long as you don’t regret anything, it is worth.


Runescape Party Hat – Moral Lessons

Since you are holed up in your room all day, playing runescape, you must have learned a lot from runescape like moral lessons, talking to people and more. Runescape has been your sanctuary and at the same time your hell.

If you are a player who has been scammed for a few times already, be thankful to those scammers as they taught you a very important lesson in life. Be thankful that your carelessness did not happen in you, your family, your valued friends and the people around you.

Surely, negotiation is one of skill you have learned playing runescape. You learned how to place your argument in the midst of conversation. These are the things that could not be learned in school but only through experience.



You get to interact to random people which is important and also the reason why you can spend an entire day, gaming.


Having fun and not noticing the time passes by means you are enjoying something. If this is what you feel when playing runescape, then, you are enjoying. And having fun is what runescape can give you. It is the sole purpose of you, playing the game, not making money.

There is no need to care to your runescape party hat, if runescape is soon to begone.

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