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Runescape Gold – What can RS Offer

July 21, 2016 James Young 0

Runescape gold hunters never noticed the beauty of runescape all they care is their customer who buy rs gold. Nowadays, all we hear are FPS games like overwatch and counter strike global offensive; moreover, there are MOBA like league of legends, DOTA and heroes of the storm. These games are enticing; these games don’t need grinds, players get to have fun instantly. In runescape, there ups and downs, like grinding everyday for 8 hours in order to get this certain item which will create happiness. What runescape can offer these days? Wherein, FPS and MOBA are the kings of the [Read More…]

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Runescape Gold – The Ban Hammer

July 4, 2016 James Young 0

Getting banned is the most poignant, frustrating, hopeless, annoying, tilting and a random feeling of wanting to die. Being banned in an MMORPG is like a farmer losing a year worth of crops due to a typhoon. Imagine putting a heart on something, putting hard work on something and in just a blink of an eye, it is all gone. This is even worse than losing a girlfriend. Being banned in an MMORPG that one love is losing two things: Love and Immersion. Here are common dilemmas on players, getting banned. Runescape Gold – Botting Botting is using a third [Read More…]

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Runescape Gold – Bugs

July 1, 2016 James Young 0

Runescape gold hunters are pissed with Telos bugs. Let’s talk about the most trending subject of runescape – Bugs. Bugs are random which make it hard for developers to spot and fix them on development. It needs a lot of testing in order to fix bugs and to most efficient bug testers are players. Players have been ranting about runescape NXT not being perfect. Someone said that runescape should tend first the bugs before releasing new contents as new contents means new bugs. Jagex seems so desperate, releasing so many contents within a month. Runescape Gold – Frustrating Bugs are [Read More…]

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[ULTIMATE GUIDE] Different ways to make RS gold (Part 1)

August 30, 2013 editor 0

By gathering ore, logs and crafting stuff, you can make a more RS gold in this way. Start making more RS gold To start making more RS gold, woodcutting is a good occupation to gather lots of logs which you can sell it in Grand Exchange to make RS gold. As you continue to cut lots of logs, your woodcutting skill will gain more XP which in turn will level up.   If you’re high level enough, you need to have a better axe so that you can gather faster and better logs. Once you’re better at woodcutting, you can now start cutting willow logs which [Read More…]

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Mining Clay is mining rs gold

August 21, 2013 editor 0

Gold is not the only thing that can be profitable from mining, but also mining clay can be rs gold profitable… Clay has a lot of uses like for example, making Urns, furniture, and Magic tablets. Clay can be a great way to earn more RS gold. Here is a list of places to mine clay rocks: the Crafting Guild the Dwarven Mine the Grand Tree Mine the Fight Arena mining site Rimmington Rellekka south-west Varrock south of Barbarian Village Burthorpe mines the Draynor Mine. Mining clay requires only level 1 Mining skill. It is better to have a good [Read More…]