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[Note/News] Take part on the new event this weekend and earn more Rs gold

December 18, 2013 editor 0

Explore the dungeons, solve the puzzle, gather resources and earn more Rs gold On the coming weekend, Jagex have another event for the players of Runescape. This event is called the New Dungeoneers’s Weekend. On this event, new players who are unfamiliar with the Dungeoneering, they will help you learn and experience by exploring the depths of the dungeon. For those who are already experience in Dungeoneering, they can still participate. This event is all about exploring the labyrinth of Daemonheim and solves countless puzzles and gathers resources to make RS gold. Slay monsters and boss on some levels. Be [Read More…]

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[Note] The Charities and Jagex would like to thank the players who donated their RS gold and Bonds

December 11, 2013 editor 0

Jagex wants to give thanks to the players who donated their RS gold Jagex would like to thank the Runescape communities who help and supports the charities by donating their RS gold and Bonds in the Well of Goodwill. Runescape communities generously donated 544 billion Rs gold and 7,000 Bonds in the Well of Goodwill. The total amount raised $90,838 which Jagex donated on your behalf to the charities. The money will be divided between seven qualified charities. Jagex closed down the Well of Goodwill but they are planning to reopen it in the near future once they are finished [Read More…]

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[News] Membership Club is back; all new bonuses and benefits and tons of chance to make RS gold

December 4, 2013 editor 0

Become a member by using RS gold to buy Bonds For the upcoming New Year, you will experience epic quests and a brand new skill. But before that, this month of December, you will have a chance to become a member of the Premier Club. By joining this club, you will be given tons of benefits and bonuses depends on what type of package you choose; Gold, Silver or Bronze. You can become a member of this club by redeeming your Bonds. Bonds can be bought in the Grand Exchange using RS gold. Below are the list of bonuses and [Read More…]

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[News] Share your RS gold and drops equally by using CoinShare and Lootshare

December 2, 2013 editor 0

Share your loot and RS gold with Coinshare and Lootshare The Lootshare is an option where you and your friends share monster drops. The sharing is a fair way and design so that everyone would get an equivalent value of rewards. Do note that you cannot activate the lootshare while dungeoneering. With this ability to share drops, you and your friend can also make more RS gold by selling the drops. In the past, the old coinshare system allows the high-value drops to turn into RS gold and split fairly between members of the party. Jagex recently updated the coinshare [Read More…]

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[Update] Making use of your RS gold; double donations for the charities

November 29, 2013 editor 0

Now is the time to donate your Rs gold to the Well of Goodwill Before the end of the month of November, Jagex will bring a good news for those who are willing to donate their Rs gold in the Well of Goodwill. They will now double the Rs gold donation. It means twice the help will be given to the charities. For every 10 million Rs gold donated by Runescape players, Jagex will donate $2.00 to charity on behalf of players. Because of the good response from the Runescape communities, Jagex already donated $60,000 which is total from 330 [Read More…]

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[News] Buy Bonds using RS gold and try out the new pet in the Solomon’s General Store

November 27, 2013 editor 0

Make use of your RS gold by buying Bonds and redeem for RuneCoins; New loyal companion Just recently, there is a new pet that can be found in the Solomon’s General Store. These loyal companions will venture out together with you. The name of the two new pets is Dawn and Dusk. That’s their default name but you can change once you bought them. Dawn has a noble and elegant aura around her and can emit a mysterious energy around her hooves and horns while flying around you. The other one, Dusk, is a mischievous and playful black unicorn that [Read More…]

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[News] Try out the new outfit in the Solomon’s General Store; by Bonds using RS gold

November 20, 2013 editor 0

Use your RS gold to buy Bonds to purchase Runecoins Last week, Jagex just released two new outfits for Runescape players. The two outfits are called Ogre Infiltrator and Drakewing. The Ogre Infiltrator, as you can see the picture above, is an ogre with ridiculous look with large hands and feet. This kind of outfit is never before seen in Runescape. This is your chance to wear this kind of unique outfit. Next is the Drakewing, this outfit is a humanoid shape red dragon with large wings with claws. This outfit also has some kind of accessory around them with [Read More…]

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[Update] Before the end of November, Jagex add more charities; Donate RS gold to help others

November 18, 2013 editor 0

New charities, more reason to help and donate RS gold Ever since Jagex released the Well of Goodwill, the Runescape community already donated lots of RS gold and helped more charities in real world. They have already donated more than 240 billion RS gold which almost 10,000 or more players contributed.  For players who donated Bonds, it is more than 4700 Bonds, which is an equivalent of $46,000 for charity.   Before the end of Novemer, Jagex added two more charities which mean more reasons to donate RS gold and Bonds. These include the Philippines Typhoon Appeal. In the last [Read More…]

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[News] Try out the Barrows-Rise of the Six and you can get cool rewards and make more RS gold

November 15, 2013 editor 0

Cool looking rewards and more RS gold The Barrows mini-game is a combat mini-game which is popular because Runesape players can make a lot of RS gold by simply selling Barrows equipment. Just recently, Jagex release a sequel to it which is called Barrows-Rise of Six. Unlike the standard Barrows mini-game, players need to fight the Barrows Brothers.   These Brothers has been greatly buffed and can be difficult to defeat. Players must have a team of four and need to split into two groups and each group need to defeat three Brothers at once. Once you have defeated the [Read More…]

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[News] The Sirenic Armour; more ways to make RS gold

October 23, 2013 editor 0

Players rejoice; Runescape has just released new high leveled armour for Rangers. This armour is powerful enough that can boost your Ranger skills. This armour is called, Sirenic Armour. This is level 90 power type armour that increases the stats of Rangers. It is also a good potential for RS gold sell.   The Sirenic Armour is made from Sirenic Scales which is drops from most of the monsters in the Monestary of Ascension. Only MEMBERS can wear this powerful armour. But FREE players may still have a chance to wear this by using the BONDS. When FREE players used [Read More…]

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