[Update] Making use of your RS gold; double donations for the charities

Now is the time to donate your Rs gold to the Well of Goodwill

Before the end of the month of November, Jagex will bring a good news for those who are willing to donate their Rs gold in the Well of Goodwill. They will now double the Rs gold donation. It means twice the help will be given to the charities. For every 10 million Rs gold donated by Runescape players, Jagex will donate $2.00 to charity on behalf of players.

Because of the good response from the Runescape communities, Jagex already donated $60,000 which is total from 330 billion Rs gold and 6,000 Bonds donated by players. This will increase more if you try to encourage your friends and others by donating their Rs gold.

Do remember that you can donate your RS gold, in-game items, and Bonds in the Well of Goodwill which is located south of Grand Exchange. Please support and help the charities.

You will also gain in-game titles as a bonus. The titles are depends on how much Rs gold you donated in the Well of Goodwill.

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