A sweet guide for getting more RS gold

A sweet guide for making more RS gold by using chocolates.

Source: mid-day

Sweetened guide using chocolate for earning more RS gold

A chocolate bar is a food that can be use for recovering a player’s health points when consumed. This can be used for Cooking and also can be converted to chocolate dust which can be use for making energy potions. As said, chocolate dust is our target item to sell RS gold.


Chocolate Dust is a chocolate that is ground up using mortar and pestle or you can also use a knife on the chocolate bar. This guide, we will be using a knife to make chocolate dust to sell for RS gold.

  • If you have enough RS gold, head to the Grand Exchange and buy as many Chocolate Bars as possible as long as you can afford it.
  • Go to the bank and stored all the chocolate bars you have. Buy another batch if you still have enough RS gold. Fill up your entire inventory as much as possible.
  • Right click the chocolate bar and powder them all using your knife.
  • Once the entire chocolate bar has turned into chocolate dust, resell them to the Grand Exchange for RS gold.


You will be making at least 175 RS gold from each chocolate bar that turned into chocolate dust. Within the hour, you will be making at least 200k to 300k RS gold by doing this.