Buy Runescape Gold – Cavin Fever

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Buy runescape gold (cheap rs gold) and be a premium member to start this quest.

Cavin fever is a carefree quest where players don’t have to fight any kind of monsters, still, at the end of the day, players get their respective rewards using their saliva and being an errand boy.

Cavin fever quest is only available for rich kids (premium members). If you are not a premium member, get lost. This is how runescape works.

Since cavin fever is a premium member’s quest, it gives tons of rewards for a talk, talk quest.

Buy Runescape Gold – Getting There

Travel to Port phasmatys and bring ectotokens, and the ghostspeak amulet. These are the minimum requirements to start the quest.

The quest will officially start upon talking to bill teach, the guy with mustache and long beard despite his age, oh wait, he is a pirate after all. This guy is in the green ghost inn. Speak to him and he will tell you what’s up.

Bill Teach is one hell of a weird folk. He is the captain of ‘The Adventurous’, the greatest ship to ever sail the sea (not true), according to bill, which is kind of self-proclaimed. The conflict bill is facing is sailing the ship, but due to unfortunate heated argument with another captain whom to threatened Bill to sink the adventurous. This threat induced panic to bill’s crew and won’t even want to sail.

And this is the player’s time to shine, to help bill.


The rewards for completing cavin fever are:

7000 smithing, 7000 crafting and 7000 agility experience

The player would be able to access Mos Le’Harmless and cave horrors

An interesting book called ‘Book o’ piracy’

Halving the price of charter ship

2 treasure hunter keys and 2 hearts of ice

And don’t forget to talk to bill after the quest. He will give you an additional 10,000 coins.


No fighting ever done, only verbal arguments. In conclusion, this quest is free.