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Runescape Party Hat – Being Dumb is Good

July 27, 2016 James Young 0

A lot of people tend to regard being stupid as a bad thing. It is a bad thing, but it is not that bad. Runescape is somewhat a mechanical game; it has no place for dumb people. This is not true. Dumb people who play runescape are actually the happiest players in the game. They don’t have items, and runescape party hat is like a star, very unreachable. The less a player knows in the game, the more they enjoy. It is like how a player enjoys a new game and upon beating the game, it is immediately thrown in [Read More…]

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Buy Runescape Gold – Cavin Fever

July 15, 2016 James Young 0

Buy runescape gold (cheap rs gold) and be a premium member to start this quest. Cavin fever is a carefree quest where players don’t have to fight any kind of monsters, still, at the end of the day, players get their respective rewards using their saliva and being an errand boy. Cavin fever quest is only available for rich kids (premium members). If you are not a premium member, get lost. This is how runescape works. Since cavin fever is a premium member’s quest, it gives tons of rewards for a talk, talk quest. Buy Runescape Gold – Getting There [Read More…]

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Runescape Gold – Bugs

July 1, 2016 James Young 0

Runescape gold hunters are pissed with Telos bugs. Let’s talk about the most trending subject of runescape – Bugs. Bugs are random which make it hard for developers to spot and fix them on development. It needs a lot of testing in order to fix bugs and to most efficient bug testers are players. Players have been ranting about runescape NXT not being perfect. Someone said that runescape should tend first the bugs before releasing new contents as new contents means new bugs. Jagex seems so desperate, releasing so many contents within a month. Runescape Gold – Frustrating Bugs are [Read More…]


Runescape Party Hat – New Player

June 24, 2016 James Young 0

Visual design wise, runescape has nothing to brag about. Tons of MMORPG is being released with amazing visual design. These companies spend too much time on satisfying their customer’s eyes, but not their inner cravings. Pretty much, a MMORPG with fantastic design, but bad gameplay is common nowadays. Runescape is still popular nowadays because some players don’t care about visual design at all. They all care about gameplay. And In terms of gameplay, runescape never fell behind; thus, this makes runescape last long. Runescape Party Hat – Quests May it be a quest to get the legendary runescape party hat [Read More…]


Runescape Party Hat – Massacre Event

June 8, 2016 James Young 0

Forget your quest on accumulating runescape party hat because a huge event to commemorate the infamous Durial321. Runescape items are not the focus of this event, but PvP experience. Jagex really values every time runescape made it to another year. What does this mean? Does this mean that they are celebrating it because they suspected that their game is not going to last long? If you think that I am saying that runescape is not going to last long, hold your horses. In my opinion, runescape is a hell of a good game, lasting for a long time and even [Read More…]


Runescape Party Hat – Reporting Bots

June 1, 2016 editor 0

Inherently, runescape takes a lot of time in grinding. People are tired of this, especially, veteran players, resulting into players resorting to exploit 3rd party programs like Bot. Some people want runescape items such as runescape party hat. And in order to accumulate tons of money, a player has to grind for days or even months. People don’t only play runescape, they also have to go to their job, and school. And it is not surprising for people to use bots. They just want to be efficient to their hobby and work. Runescape Party Hat – Good Things about Bots [Read More…]