Getting Runescape gold from picking Ashes


A quick and easy way to make more Runescape gold which is more viable to both FREEplayers and members

A simple way to make more Runescape gold

Ashes appear when the fire burns out or from the Fire Spirits. Ashes only have limited use but it makes them more valuable among Members. For Free RS players, they can only sell it to make Runescape gold. Burning a lot of cheap logs is an effective way to make a lot of Ashes.

To make things started, head over to the Grand Exchange and find something that can make fires like willow logs which can be bought using only a little amount of Runescape gold. Buy it as much as you can.

Create a fire using all the willow logs you bought earlier. Now rest until all the fires have turned into ashes and pick them all up. Pick as much as you can until your inventory is full and store them into the bank. Repeat the process or if you are satisfied, sell them to make more Runescape gold.

You should be able to make a lot of Runescape gold within an hour.