RS Gold – Next Update Prediction

rs gold runescape
rs gold runescape

Currently, the latest update that created vacuum over the community of runescape is ‘the arc.’ It is an interesting update where these eastern islands have a closed economy. This means that the only currency honored are the currency of the eastern islands. Therefore, players will come with zero currency and will have to work their asses off in order to accumulate some eastern islands’ dime.

After this update, what is next? There are so much to anticipate with runescape. This year, the runefest is coming. And if it is runefest, expect the developers to announce something in the runefest. Surely, there is something. We might see a new game’s trailer or runescape’s another upgrade.

RS Gold – Runefest

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If there is somewhere to announce something big, it has to be runefest. It is the dream comes true of runescape fans. It is where Jagex turns fiction into reality.

Runefest is not just about meeting other runescapers; it is also a place where players will meet the creators of the game and will be able to discuss something. This discussion is probably where wheels of fate will turn as they might say something top secret, keep noted on these occasions.

Another Visual Update

This is possible. Jagex has done these numerous times in the past and it is not distant that they may repeat this; however, with some twists like new things like the arc.

If there is nothing new, another visual update would be boring, but since its Jagex, we can rest assured that they are going to pull something great out of their pocket like a magician doing magic tricks on adults with children’s mind.

New Game

A new game has crossed their minds multiple times, no doubt. Runescape, for them, it is a sinking boat; it is really old.

There is no doubt that they going to announce something about new things.