RS Gold – The Jagex Way

rs gold runescape
rs gold runescape

We all have out ways of doing things, so as Jagex and its developers. The center of runescape’s development is its players and community. However, we rarely see Jagex following a player’s suggestion in terms of events and stuff.

Even if Jagex is this way, players still don’t lose hope on runescape. Why? Because it is as simple as these players are satisfied of playing runescape and the new contents Jagex disseminate.

RS Gold – Suggestions

RS gold farmers often have suggestion on the economy and people who buy rs gold also has one or two suggestions.

Tons of suggestions can be found in social media sites, in social media comment boxes, blogs, forums and more. Jagex can clearly see these suggestion but they rarely follow the way players want it. Instead, Jagex customize a suggestion into a new idea that will benefit the majority.

It is more like players’ suggestions are source of idea. And this is how they do things.

Subscription for Quality Gameplay

Nowadays, subscription based MMORPG is cheaper than free to play that is if you are serious on playing the game. If you just want to have a siesta and have fun, free to play games are always a way to go.

Runescape have it all. You can play for free but you get limited access to the world of runescape. Pay money and you get to access the vast world of runescape.

On the other hand, playing free to play games will just milk out your money, buying expensive stuff.


Runefest is one of the huge or the biggest events of runescape. It is where fiction becomes reality. It is where internet friends become real friends.

This is all good for Jagex as the rent a venue and the venue also serves as an advertising scheme as people who will pass through the venue will read the name ‘runescape.’ Rather than advertising it is more like exposure.