Runescape Gold – The Ban Hammer

runescape gold

Getting banned is the most poignant, frustrating, hopeless, annoying, tilting and a random feeling of wanting to die. Being banned in an MMORPG is like a farmer losing a year worth of crops due to a typhoon. Imagine putting a heart on something, putting hard work on something and in just a blink of an eye, it is all gone. This is even worse than losing a girlfriend. Being banned in an MMORPG that one love is losing two things: Love and Immersion.

Here are common dilemmas on players, getting banned.

Runescape Gold – Botting

Botting is using a third party program and the player’s character will automatically move and do whatever it is without the intervention of the player.

Botting is often committed by players with a busy life. They can’t play while on work, the only way to stay on top is botting.

Jagex doesn’t like botting. It kills runescape in an indirect way. If botting is allowed, tons of people will start botting until the server is full of bots. It is going to be a walk in a large empty warehouse than walking into a woods and birds.


In a bad way, in the past, scamming is the fastest way to runescape gold. Scamming is not as effective as when runescape was on its first couple of months because people don’t know how the trading system and the ways of scamming have not yet went viral.

Being scammed is painful, not only because you lost your items, but also your dignity. The proof that one has been scammed is also the proof that he/she is stupid.

Now, people buy rs gold and this is where scammers lurk. One has to find a credible website like playerauctions.


There are situations where the one who has been judged by the ban hammer disobeyed the rules by accident. In the condition under accident, these players should be given another chance, depending on the offense they have done.