Runescape Party Hat – Being Dumb is Good

runescape party hat
runescape party hat

A lot of people tend to regard being stupid as a bad thing. It is a bad thing, but it is not that bad. Runescape is somewhat a mechanical game; it has no place for dumb people. This is not true. Dumb people who play runescape are actually the happiest players in the game. They don’t have items, and runescape party hat is like a star, very unreachable.

The less a player knows in the game, the more they enjoy. It is like how a player enjoys a new game and upon beating the game, it is immediately thrown in the trash can.

Runescape Party Hat – Immersion

The less a player knows the more they can immerse in the game. Still remember the first time playing runescape? Probably, even that was the first time playing runescape with bad graphics, the immersion is still intense. People would not last long, playing runescape. They would be bored immediately.

Even with bad graphics and being an errand boy, runescape is really good at engulfing their players. Is it because of background music? Is it because of the monster design? Impossible, monsters in runescape are like walking garbage.


The less a player has, the more they will enjoy if they acquire a new runescape items item or expensive item. It is like a person being able to afford runescape party hat for the first time and after a while, the person is selling the party hat. And the next person who bought the runescape party hat is overwhelmed by joy, but after a while, he sold it because he is bored of it. And the loop repeats.

Enjoying Runescape?

If you are still enjoying runescape till now, you are dumb. Not biologically dumb, but runescapely dumb. You are yet to explore the depths of runescape’s world.